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  1. Hi Dear Sherrie,

    I am Kaleem Shahzad, a Christian boy from Islamic State of Pakistan. In Pakistan 95% is muslim population and only 2.5% Christian and 2.5% other ethnic minorities.

    Since 1971 Christians are suffering by extremists muslims, many times their homes, churches and even Christians have been burnt alive, their children and women work in factories, where they are abused. There is a long history of persecution and oppression, but many good people are fighting for equality and humanities and Our team is also a group of american and Pakistani people who are working to end hate and to eradicate slavery.

    We are on initial steps to make our foundation strong, We need right partners for our organization. I will request you to work with us for children education, freedom of women and for awareness of human rights to promote peace. I hope to hear from you as you have a heart to see change and we can not ignore millions of lives.

    Thank you,

    Kaleem Shahzad
    Founder & CEO
    Holy Light Foundation

  2. Martenia Shyne says:

    I attended the show tonight and I just want to say thank you for all you do.
    Martenia Shyne

  3. Neba Quinnette Bih says:

    I am called Neba Quinnette ,I am a Cameroonian by nationality and a Bachelor’s Degree Holder in Social Science(Economics).I am impressed with the activities of this organisation and I am really interested and ready to devote my time and energy to work with this organization, because I have the passion to work with the depressed, less privilege and to let them know there is a better life a head. I will be very grateful if i am granted the opportunity to express my talent and to meet the goals of this organization. Thanks.

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