LOLC Models walking in the 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fashion Show have model fittings held
Saturday, April 14 2018. The location is the
Marriott East:  1903 Embassy Square Blvd, Louisville, KY 40299.

Go to the 2nd floor to the Cardinal Room. Remember to bring your model bag, wear all black, and to have your runway shoes on. Be sure to confirm with your designer this week to let them know you are excited to walk for them, that you will be at the model fitting, and to ask if they need you to bring anything specific in your model bag. Make sure you have connected with your designer and they have responded back to you by March 30th, 2018. If you have not heard from them please let Sherrie Gearheart know immediately. If you have more than one designer you will need to go to the different call times. Each fitting time slot is for 1 hour total. You will need to leave and come back if you have different call times. Shettima Webb will be on hand to review model walks. Sherrie Gearheart will be there to answer any last minute questions.

Designers: please bring your rolling rack, hangers, safety pins, garments. Be sure to reach out to your models this weekend so you can start a dialogue about the show. Please let them know if you are requesting specific garments, shoes, etc. The order of your models must be decided upon during the fitting along with who will come out in pairs and trios. If you have 9-10 pieces in the show you need to assign 2 sets of pairs. A pair is when two models walk down the runway at the same time. If you have 10-20 pieces in the show you need to assign 2 sets of 3 people (trios) and 3 sets of pairs. If you have over 20 pieces in the show we need 2 sets of 3 people (trios) and 4 sets of pairs. Everyone has a 10 minute slot on the runway. Pairing up models keep us within the time frame and keeps audience members from walking out. With the 10 minute time slot on the runway and with a 50 foot long runway we need to make sure we keep things moving in a fast/fun pace, that it stays interesting, and coordinated. They use pair and trio modeling in LA Fashion Week and everyone loves it, the energy and excitement it brings, etc.

DeLana McClung and Nallely are assigning pairs/trios with the designers/models.

Call times for specific designers listed below:

Also, text Sherrie Gearheart to confirm your model fitting for the show. 815 914 8602

9am Fittings: Jessica Glasscock of JossyBelle Boutique, April Hickman (April Daugherty on facebook) of Wonderfulee Marlee

10am Fittings: Kimberly Phillips, Jordan Skeen (Bluegrass Belle – Hats and Fascinators), Kirstia Renee Drury (Keyan Karr)

Model Boot Camp Begins- New York Photographer, Kentucky Photographer, and Chicago Photographers
To sign up go to:
Runway class with Shettima. Hair/makeup. Several Photoshoots. Dressed by designers.

12pm Model Boot Camp Seminar with New York Photographer, Jason McQuain

12pm Fitting: Nuno Martelle

1pm Fitting: Brick Malone

2pm-4pm Mario and Jorge dress the Model Boot Camp Models (this is NOT a fitting, there fitting is later on, see below)

4pm Fitting: Jackson Skyler

5pm Fitting: Dori Lewis (on facebook as Dori Eversole Lewis), Sharisa Freeman of Sharisa Couture Designs

6pm Fittings: Bryan Boyd, Bella Royal

7pm — Speech Practice: We have a practice with those that come up during my speech to answer the questions about suicide interventions: Nallely and Miranda, Rosie and Kayla, Shelly and Jese Kary Long, Sheila and Gordon. Be prepared to answer: number of years you have been part of LOLC, how many suicide interventions have you done, how old are you.

8pm-9:30pm Fitting: Mario Humberto Garrido Puga & Jorge Diaz Fittings AND Rehearsal- they open the show and need to have a short rehearsal the night before the the show.

New York Photographer- Jason McQuain Birthday Dinner


Fashion Show Info for Sunday, April 15th, 2018
Crowne Plaza 830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209

8am Crew Set Up

10:30am Crowning Ceremony Rehearsal. The crowning ceremony opens the show before the designers showcase. We will call all 6 queens to the stage to enter on. Each queen will be called forward individually and crowned. Then she will be asked to take a step back and wait in her original spot. All 6 will be crowned. Jason London will come out to perform while the 6 are standing there smiling and then we will announce the beauty queen parade and our ambassadors first walk. Each ambassador will step forward individually to walk in the Beauty Queen Parade followed by the other queens.

11:15am to 11:30am

Call time for Models 13 and older

Group Photo with Models

Mandatory Model Meeting
Mandatory Rehearsal- Shettima runs this and practices pairs and where to pose at the end of the runway!

Designer Call Time for setting up clothing in back room
1pm-2pm (only Jordan & Mario/Jorge are in the 20 foot section whereas all other designers are in the back room).

Lunch Break for Models & Everyone
2pm-3pm Leave to get lunch. Must return by 3pm on the dot. Can NOT be late. There is limited time to get hair/makeup done.

3pm-6pm (models must be ready by 6pm on the dot. Doors open for guests at 5pm in the ballroom so models can not leave this area during the show time)

Call Time for Children Models
3pm group photos with children on stage
3pm run through with Shettima Webb- rehearsal (arrive in the ballroom). Try to arrive hair/makeup ready (hair pulled back, lip gloss, very natural, clean).
4pm-5pm Hair/Makeup touchups for kids if needed.
5pm-6pm Get dressed

Doors Open for Guests
5:00pm Guests Mingle, find their seats, Walk the Red Carpet for photos and interviews from 5pm to 6pm with music.

Models Get Dressed for Show
6pm-6:20pm. Must line up and be ready to rock the runway.

Show Starts
6pm Show Begins with Star Spangled Banner by Dylan Maynard
Special speakers include Sherrie Gearheart and Kayla Garcia, Sophia Tapia, Jese Torres, Sheila Ross, Gordon Ross, Shanna McClung the Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Kentucky Ambassador speaks and introduces Sherrie Gearheart and Sherrie gives a speech.  Savannah Reeves then takes the stage to sign two songs.

Crowning Ceremony
Each queen will be called forward individually and crowned. Then she will be asked to take a step back and wait in her original spot. All 6 will be crowned. We then announce that our queens will take their first walk during the Beauty Queen Parade where other queens from across the nation will join them. Please welcome our star performer from Atlanta, Georgia, performing on the stage tonight… Jason London. Jason will come out to perform while the 6 are standing there smiling, then they will each take their walk. During the last walk the rest of the beauty queens take the stage one by one to continue the beauty queen parade.

Designer Order- TENTATIVE ORDER* this may change the day of the event

1. Beauty Queen Parade- Jason London Performs on stage with beauty queens

2. Mario and Jorge- MILLENNIAL Collection with performer Kathy Navigato performing on the stage with models (from Chicago)

3. Kimberly Phillips Clothier- Spring 2018 collection featured hat designer: Jenna Brown with That Hat Lady (from Kentucky)

4. Brick Malone- Theme is “color pop” (from Chicago)

5. Jessica Glasscock- JossyBelle Boutique (from Kentucky)

6. Sharisa Freeman of Sharisa Couture Designs with Danaya Designs 4U (from Chicago)

7. April Hickman- Wonderfulee Marlee (from Kentucky)

8. Bryan Boyd- Amerikkkan Kardinal Kollection, by B.Boy Clothing (from Indiana)

9. Jackson Skyler- Blue Diamond Collection (from Illinois)

10.  Aaliyah Wiggins- Bella Royal (from S. Illinois)

11. Jordan Skeen- Bluegrass Belle, Hats and Fascinators (from Kentucky)

12. Nuno Martelle- HEKaTuRe Designs (from Chicago)

13. Kirstia Renee Drury- Keyan Karr (from Kentucky)

14. Dori Eversole- owner of The Polkadotted Pineapple Boutique-Bluegrass Belle, Hattitudes by Allie and Sweet Caroline’s Hats (from Kentucky) with jewelry by Danaya Designs 4U (from Chicago)