Dear Models,

This is your 1st step to confirm your participation in the Official Model Audition for the 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity. Simply register your name (CLICK HERE) and email address on the ticket link. The ticket is free and confirms your spot in the audition. The audition date/information is below along with the fashion show date/information. (Please note: parents or model chaperones are more than welcome and do not need to register for a ticket. You simply show up with the model. Only models need to register. If there are siblings or family members, each person must register under their name even if the same email address is used.)

Audition Dates 
Sunday, January 28th, 2018- held in Chicago, Illinois. CLICK HERE.
Sunday, February 4th, 2018- held in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. CLICK HERE
January 1st to 31st, 2018- Virtual Auditions. CLICK HERE. (do not sign up if you are auditioning in person at one of the above dates)
Wardrobe: walk in with high heels on or dress shoes for men (age appropriate heels for girls ages 14 and under), wearing all black, and tight fitted clothing.

Audition Information
There will be only ONE Kentucky audition (February 4, 2018) and only ONE Chicago Audition (January 28, 2018). Models that audition in person will be given first priority and booked with designers first. We will hold only ONE month of virtual auditions (January 1st to 31st) for models that know they can not attend the Kentucky or Chicago auditions. It will be harder for Virtual Models to make it into the show since spots will be limited. Virtual Models will be notified after February 15, 2018 since we will prioritize models that auditioned in person. *Please note models that have auditioned in the past will have an expedited audition in Chicago & will go straight into practice after paperwork is collected. *Please note you only need to attend ONE audition.

When you audition we will ask for six things:
1. To see your runway walk.
2. To take your photo (after we take your meausurements).
3. To interview you asking why you support Live Out Loud Chairty for anti bullying, core character development, and suicide prevention.
4. LIKE OUR FAN PAGE on facebook: Leave a positive comment under one of our recent posts. We appreciate your support.
5. Check out our website to learn more about the charity to best prepare you for the in person interview:
6. Save this MODEL LINK for future reference in case you make it in the fashion show. This link has all your model information from the ticket link to rehearsal dates, model bag essentials so you are prepared for your fittings and big day, news articles, charity info, expectations, locations, and more. It is updated regularly so check it often.

Are you interested in our other 2018 shows? Watch our LIVE video discussing how YOU can gear up for Kentucky Derby, New York Fashion Week, Ireland, and Chicago fashion shows for Live Out Loud Charity.


We do ask models to truly advocate for our cause. Therefore, we select models that have been touched by anti bullying, low self esteem, depression, and/or suicide. We ask those models to sell three tickets to our event to not just raise funds but to also raise awareness for our cause. We need models to be true activists for our cause and bring people from their community to hear our message. This event is about educating the audience members on the signs of depression, how to save lives through suicide intervention steps given during the show, and where to go for help. Our event actually saves lives through the education we provide to audience members and to models. Models play a crucial role not just as volunteers gaining an experience of a lifetime but also as real advocates in their community that work hard to bring family, friends, coworkers, collegues, and acquantances to the show to save lives. Our shows are top of the line, professional, offer local, national, and some lolc events offer international exposure. As models you are walking for Live Out Loud Charity while gaining real, qualified experience in the industry with photos to build your portfolio, connections that can help to launch your career, and an opportunity to get you to the next level. If models want to take this a step further we invite them to our Model Boot Camp one day prior to our event.

View our suicide prevention video CLICK HERE
Take our suicide prevention pledge CLICK HERE
View our anti bullying video. 
Take the anti bullying pledge. CLICK HERE. 

There will be 3 Model Practices. Attending at least two is mandatory. We want everyone prepared for our professional fashion show.  These serve as rehearsals and model practice time. Sherrie Gearheart will train each model free of charge, as a thank you for giving back to our cause. This training is normally $100 per hour and will  focus on walking technique and posing in an intense yet very fun model practice.  We do this so our models are confident the day of the show.  To learn more about Sherrie Gearheart and her modeling experience go to A mandatory model fitting is to be held Saturday, April 14th, 2018 the day before the fashion show. Please note some designers will require other dates for fittings so you must attend those should you be selected as a model in our event. Tickets will be turnd in at rehearsals or they can be bought online before the first rehearsal.

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Chicago Rehearsal Dates: (both dates are MANDATORY for models that auditioned in Chicago)
Sunday, January 28
Saturday, March 17 (all fashion show tickets are due on the date of the first model practice or online beforehand)
Location: TBA
*Models are placed in groups and will have different call times. That way classes are not too large and models will receive individualized model coaching to best prepare each model for the big day.
Kentucky Rehearsal Dates: (attending at least two is MANDATORY for models that auditioned in Kentucky)
Sunday, March 18- all fashion show tickets are due on the date of the first model practice or online beforehand
Sunday, March 25
Sunday, April 1st
Location: TBA
*Models are placed in groups and will have different call times. That way classes are not too large and models will receive individualized model coaching to best prepare each model for the big day.
*Models auditioning in Chicago will have rehearsal on January 28 and March 17 both dates are mandatory.
*Models that are auditioning virtually must attend at least two of the above dates in either city.
*If a model resides in Kentucky but wants to attend the Chicago practice(s) and vice versa, this is allowed. Simply give Sherrie Gearheart a heads up at

Saturday, April 14th, 2018 (this applies to every single model in the show and is MANDATORY)
Call times depends on designer(s). Location: TBA.  This will take place in Louisville, Kentucky.
Plan on the time frame being from 12noon to 9pm to have different call times if you are with more than one designer plus there is a model practice. We will also hold Model Boot Camp this day. Reserve the entire day because fittings can take a few hours. You need to practice walking in the garment, work with your designer, sometimes try on multiple garments until they find the perfect one, and more. Also, if you are walking for more than one designer you may have more than one call time. Please be on time for all of our events. We are very strict with our schedule.




We recommend models to read this article to know what they should bring in their model bag. READ HERE.

Ms. Sherrie Gearheart will give all fashion show updates and inform models of their designer(s), fitting call time(s), or if they have made it in the show via TEXT MESSAGE. If you do not have text messaging on your phone please state this at the audition and email us at
Also, Sherrie posts fashion show updates and asks models to add her on facebook so they can share the posts and help spread awareness of the show and charity.

Contact Person/Producer: Sherrie Gearheart
Text is the best way to communicate: 815 914 8602
You may call/leave a vaoicemail or email


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When you audition, you may be chosen to walk in our 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Chairty. Show information is below:

April 15, 2018
Model call time 12noon (this call time is tentative and could be earlier)
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Louisville, KY
Ticket link for futher details:

Please note that everyone involved in this event is volunteering their time, talents, and passions. We thank you for your tremendous support.

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Fun ways to give back! Order your LOLC ornament today!
LOLC ornament


Questions/concerns simply call 815 914 8602 or text us. You may email

Another fun way to give back is by ordering your LOLC charmed bracelet to show the world you support anti bullying and suicide prevention. Each bracelet is $30 and includes shipping. $15 goes toward Live Out Loud Charity for anti bullying, suicide prevention, and core character development. Order these through Danielle T Carroll or by ordering here:
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