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Is bullying a problem at your school or in your community? Talk to your school Principal, Assistant Principal, and Counselor that is on staff about having Live Out Loud Charity give our anti bullying presentation. You can also speak to your local Library about LOLC giving our presentation in your community and invite local youth to attend. Schedule one of our representatives to speak and make a difference in the lives of others. Together we can stop bullying. Please book our core character development & anti bullying presentation at your school. Contact us.

Video Credits
Producers: Katelyn Buerger, Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Illinois Ambassador of LOLC & Karee Buerger (LOLC Mom and anti-bullying/suicide prevention advocate)
Video editors: Cecil Lay & Mark Niemi
Photographer on set: Carlos Rodolfo Chinchilla
Founder/President of LOLC: Sherrie Gearheart
Thank you to the teens and girls taking a stand against bullying. We are proud that you have spoken out so others do not have to suffer.