15 ways

Stress is real and it is the #1 Killer. Here are some things to consider during this holiday season… I am starting to fully understand the value and purpose of self care. What some see as luxury I now see as a necessity and maybe you do too. Stress is undeniably the number one killer in America. You must take care of yourself and your body. If you are anything like me you hold your stress in your upper back, shoulders, neck, head (tons of headaches, etc). Some people hold their stress in other places and it manifests in a variety of ways. Please remember the more you give, the more you need to try and balance that with self care. I see the value in it now. Things to consider when starting your journey of self care…

1. Massage to work on the kinks and knots
2. Therapy to work out the anxiety and baggage
3. Chiropractor to fix your misaligned spine (if you have back pain)
4. Water to stay hydrated
5. Healthy eating to give your body the proper fuel
6. Sleep (something I need more of) to give your body proper time to heal/recover
7. Exercise (something I need more of too) to keep your mind balanced and to restore strength as well as to release endorphins
8. Sun to be free and get your vitamin D
9. Fresh air and walking does the lungs good, breathing is the essence of life itself. Movement is life.
10. Aromatherapy to reset your mindset
11. Yoga to balance/hone muscles to ensure proper bone health
12. Acupuncture to release tension
13. A cup of warm tea and a fuzzy blanket, it does the soul good
14. Meditation, prayer or both to let go
15. Lastly, eat chocolate and lots of it 😉 It does raise serotonin levels. <3


There are a various number of ways to heal and take care of yourself. Never say you can’t afford to take care of yourself, do what you can. Walking is free, stretching is free, asking your significant other to give you a massage is free…. there are ways, don’t let excuses get in the way of self care. You are important and loved. Love yourself this holiday season.  


Sherrie Gearheart
Ms. Illinois America 2018
Live Out Loud Charity