FS - IrelandLive Out Loud Charity has a grassroots movement in several countries one of them being Ireland. LOLC will host its 2nd Ireland Fashion Show at the Tower Hotel this Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Further details can be found here. We are so thankful to the tremendous media support our charity has received over the past three years in Ireland. Every media outlet that supports our cause is helping us reach as many people as possible to further our mission of suicide prevention, anti bullying, and core character development.

Emma Gavin started modeling five years ago with our charity in one of our USA fashion shows that aims to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of suicide. At our shows each audience member and model becomes educated on the signs of depression and how to do an actual suicide intervention. Emma decided to apply to become an ambassador of LOLC. She was chosen to become the first ever Worldwide Teen Ambassador in 2014 and was thus crowned Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland Ambassador 2014- 2015. Emma completed media interviews in both the USA and Ireland to share her stories of being severely bullied and overcoming it through a positive support system and healthy outlet. Emma used her story to inspire other teens being bullied to let them know there is hope. Emma decided to help expand LOLC in her country, Ireland, to help prevent suicide and to help those being bullied.  Thank you to Evoke Ireland Newspaper and Kildare Now Newspaper for supporting Emma Gavin and LOLC with your latest interview featuring her story and modeling accomplishments.

A year after Emma was crowned a Worldwide Ambassador for LOLC she decided to expand her efforts in Ireland and was then crowned the Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland Ambassador. Sherrie Gearheart traveled to Ireland her first time as the founder of LOLC and as Miss UN to complete a school and media tour alongside Emma Gavin. Thank you to the Irish Sun, Big News Network, The Liffey Champion, and Headstuff Blog for covering the founders first trip to Ireland.

LOLC orchestrated its first ever Irish awareness event in November 2015 in Mayo County at Ashford Castle where we crowned our 2nd Irish Ambassador Jade-Louise Donnolly as Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland 2015-2016. Jade enrolled in our Leadership Academy to start her training in our 3 programs: suicide prevention, anti bullying, and core character development. At our awareness event supporters traveled from the USA and across Ireland to raise funds for LOLC. The event was titled 1st Irish Model Boot Camp which helps aspiring and professional models build their portfolio while learning about suicide prevention. The focus is to create a safe environment for children, teens, and adults to build their self esteem while working on their personal dreams and goals. Gearheart and Gavin both spoke at different events following their 1st Ireland Model Boot Camp.  Jade-Louise would later be interviewed by the G-Request TV Show sharing her story of being severely bullied and overcoming it. Jade would later go on to do real suicide interventions and has successfully saved several lives through her training. Jade also taught her mother Rebekah Donnolly how to do suicide interventions (through LOLC’s & The QPR Institute’s suicide prevention training) and Ms. Rebekah has also successfully saved several lives since her involvement with the charity.

On June 25th, 2016 Lorraine Gavin, Emma’s mother, helped produce the 1st Ireland Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity along side Emma Gavin and Una Williams. Each worked tremendously hard and the show was sold out! This incredible event left everyone wanting to support our cause. Thank you to RSVP Magazine, The Liffey Champion,  Sunday World, and countless other media outlets for supporting our event. This 2017 Emma has moved into her third year as an LOLC Ambassador. She was featured on Ireland AM news.

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In October of 2016, Jade-Louise Donnolly completed her first year with the charity and was awarded the title of Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland Ambassador of LOLC in Chicago, Illinois at the 7th Annual event. Jade started to make plans to bring the cause to her hometown in Waterford City. This Sunday, June 25th, 2017 Jade-Louise Donnolly will produce the 2nd Ireland Fashion Show for LOLC. Thank you to Ondine Magazine for supporting this Sunday’s Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity. Get your ticket for this Sunday’s event here. Jade states, “My sash and crown are not just for show, they are my platform and my voice so that I can change the world step by step. I want to break the stigma around mental health and teach people that it’s okay not to be okay. And most importantly there is always hope! My title, Ultimate Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity, has given me so many opportunities and has enabled me to save countless lives through suicide prevention.”

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The articles below highlight some of our featured news articles covering the work we do as a charity. Below we do not have links for the G-Request TV Show which Jade-Louise Donnolly was featured on as our Miss Worldwide Teen Ireland Ambassador. We also do not have links to the Sunday World Newspaper interview featuring Sherrie Gearheart (founder of LOLC) and the two Irish Ambassadors Jade-Louise Donnolly and Emma Gavin. The article talks about the charity’s anti bullying efforts in Ireland. Lastly, we do not have our Liffey Champion Newspaper articles or her radio interviews posted below which highlight Emma’s work in her community (Maynooth). We are very thankful for all of the support we have received.


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