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Star Buddy: The School Anti Bullying Super Heroes

In the state of Illinois, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among adolescents (7-15 years of age). It’s estimated that 386,277 schoolchildren between the ages of five and 18 are also involved in bullying. As 1 of the 10 worst states for bullying, schools and parents need to do more to tackle the problem beyond reporting their school’s anti bullying policy to the Illinois State Board Education (ISBE).  Posters, information sessions, and teachers talking about the matter apparently is not enough. So what is the solution? The answer is to educate and inspire youth to be positive leaders through the Live Out Loud Charity’s Core Character Development and STAR Anti-Bullying workshop, along with the STAR BUDDY club founded by six year old Kayla Garcia with the help of her mother.

Schools need to deputize and badge local girls after successful training to be the local “super heroes” of their hallways and classrooms to keep their eyes open and ears to the ground on looking over their fellow classmates in case they are in trouble.  In some cases, students may become the cyber watch patrol against cyber bullying. After successful training, these little girls will be empowered by their school principal, teachers, parents, and local security office to be the anti-bullying heroes of protection and change.

The days of scared little girls fearing their enemy on the way to school or walking alone in their school hallways or being scared in their classrooms will be over.  Little girls only need to look to their left or right and recognize a fellow classmate with a wearable colored, safety badge, and GPS tracker bracelet to signal for help.  More importantly, if bullies act up inappropriately they will think twice as they will see the increased Star Buddy superheroes presence in sight and they will come to the rescue.

Miss Worldwide Latina Princess Ambassador, Kayla Garcia at only 6 years old, with the help of her mother Rosie, Spokesperson of Live Out Loud Charity, will lead the charge for the 1st ever school campaign at New Horizon elementary school in the McKinley Park area on March 1, 2017. Live Out Loud Charity urges Chicago schools, after school programs, youth groups, churches, and businesses to get involved.

Founded in 2010, based in Chicago, IL, Live Out Loud Charity’s mission is to save lives through suicide prevention, anti bullying, and core character development. Since 2010, Live Out Loud Charity has reached millions of people worldwide through television, radio, magazines, school tours, awareness events, and newspapers. In addition, Live Out Loud Charity has over 100 youth and adult spokespersons worldwide expanding into eight countries and several states within the USA.

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