This past Thursday giving a speech to all these wonderful little kids on how to prevent bullying! Great experience working with kids with such a big, big heart! This is something I really love and enjoy doing! Teaching on how to prevent bullying and what not to do. Kids are so innocent and we have to guide them. Thanks to Belkis Surillo for giving me a wonderful chance to be there with your school. I loved the experience.

Stop Bullying, speak up!

Itzetl M. Juarbe Huertas
Miss Worldwide Puerto Rico Teen
Ambassador for
Live out Loud Charity

Miss Worldwide Puerto Rico Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity Speaking with children Itzetl JuarbeItzetl Juarbe speaking with Children on anti bullying for Live Out Loud CharityItz Juarbe volunteering and speaking for anti bullying for Live Out Loud Charity