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The black dot campaign started on Facebook and aims to make it easier to recognize victims of domestic abuse.

It is just a simple black dot on their hands, but it is a sign for other people to let them know that the person is in some kind of danger.

If you see somebody who has this particular black dot, make sure to ask them if they need any kind of help, and even call the police.
According to the campaign organizers and the Huffington Post, “Within a week, the campaign has reached nearly 5 million people, according to the group’s Facebook page. And it’s helped 49 people escape from their abusers to a safe place.”

A survivor recently shared her story: “I’m heavily pregnant and the baby’s father is very abusive. With words, his hands. I’ve been petrified for so long and even more with the baby coming soon. I was at the hospital yesterday, he was with me, he never leaves my side anymore. I had to have an examination so the consultant asked me to lie on the bed and drew the curtain. I leant over and took the pen out of his pocket, pulled his hand over to me and wrote ‘HELP ME’. I didn’t have to say a word..”
This is a very simple, yet powerful campaign. Make sure you do all you can to assist those who might need help! This information was gathered by Huffington Post and

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