I AM. Two most powerful words.
The LOLC Leadership Academy´╗┐ taught positive affirmations to the children at our Kids Day Event. Start practicing positive affirmations today and join us for our 30 day challenge.
1. Look into the mirror everyday and say your positive affirmations. Look directly in your eyes and say, “I am (beautiful or handsome). I am powerful. I am confident. I am a winner. I can do this! I love myself. I am unique. I am worthy. I believe in myself.” The children that participated in our Kids Day Event will report to us how they changed in 30 days. We encourage you to do it too! It takes 28 days to learn a new habit. Therefore, to change the negative thought patterns that have been engrained in us, we can do the mirror exercise for one month and on the 30th day wake up a new person. Lets do this. Lets LIVE OUT LOUD with Live Out Loud Charity´╗┐. www.liveoutloudcharity.org